Create Your Own Vision: Simon Montgomery


Vancouver-based designer, Simon Montgomery describes his work as “beautiful yet humble” – we couldn’t agree more. Montgomery leads the interdisciplinary design studio, SMSTUDIO, with work ranging from bespoke furniture to #cabinporn weekend escapes.

Through his studio, Montgomery seeks to make life better for their clients in small, meaningful ways.

“I want to bring happiness to others through my work,” he says. “What I love about my job is that I get to design environments that can shape how we feel and experience the world.”

Montgomery’s work is minimal with an acute attention to detail, shown in each accent.

“As a studio, we understand it’s the attention to every detail that creates this mood or feeling,” Montgomery says. “Our aesthetic is rooted in minimalism, devoid of unnecessary elements but rich in the dynamic interplay of materials.”

It’s not hard to see Montgomery has a crystal-clear picture of what he wants to create, fueled by his long-standing passion for architecture.

“I have always loved the design world. I grew up with an architect in the family and was lucky to visit a lot of spectacular houses at a young age,” he says. “I am a very visual person and think some memories were formed early on that somehow inform my work today.”

How does this visionary stay inspired? “I’m interested in creating architecture that makes us feel something,” Montgomery explains. “I wake up very early,” he says. “I exercise and meditate to find clarity and focus. I work my ass off.”

From what we’ve seen, that hustle sure pays off.


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Photography by: Kezia Nathe
Written by: Jocelyn Tennant | Writer and OQ Commercial Drive Manager