Create Your Own Vision: Mary Young


Self-described “Jill of all trades” and designer of her eponymous lingerie line, Mary Young is passionate about changing the way women think about their undergarments. The 20-something Toronto native creates lingerie you want to show off and wear all day — a radical departure from the previously held status-quo.
“After studying lingerie, I found a gap in the market,” says Young. “Undergarments often fell into two categories: practical everyday items, usually in nude, white or black, and more 'sexy' lingerie designed to be seen, often including lace, padding and push-up. There was nothing that offered both comfort for everyday wear and a design the wearer would feel confident to show their partner if they chose to. This is where MARY YOUNG comes in.”

Even a cursory scroll through the MARY YOUNG website proves Young has succeeded filling this gap: super-soft bamboo jersey mixes effortlessly with delicate mesh straps and detailing, lending every piece a wearable, sensual, and ultimately empowering feel. The pieces are designed and manufactured in Canada, and as a company, MARY YOUNG is committed to ethical and sustainable production on every possible level.
Beyond sharing her name, Young’s brand is deeply personal. In blog posts linked to the brand’s website, Young discusses her own journey with mental health and self-esteem, a journey that’s led her to start MARY YOUNG’s Self Love Club, which seeks to encourage conversations about body positivity and acceptance.


“The Self Love Club came from a place in my heart,” says Young. “[It’s] something that matters immensely to me and MARY YOUNG as a brand. Everything we stand for is loving yourself for who you are — your natural shape — and that confidence will always make you sexy.”

Young is inspired both by the women in her own life, and her customer base, always seeking to understand what the MARY YOUNG woman wants and what the brand can do to better her life. Young can see the fashion industry is in the midst of a major change, and she’s grateful for it; it’s clear the choices she’s made for her brand so far place her at the forefront of this change.
In 2019, both Young and her brand have big things on the horizon. For Young, it’s all about setting goals and being held accountable to them by her community — she finds sharing her vision with other people makes her all the more excited to realize it. This visionary wants to see the MARY YOUNG community grow with the brand, and is inspired to continue building relationships and listening to her customers.

“I continue to strive for a more authentic and honest brand voice, so that will consist of more from me personally, sharing what I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made,” says Young. “We will continue to shine a light on women we find admirable, inspirational and relatable, to encourage other women to find love for themselves in their unique traits.” 

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Photography by: Lauren Miller
Written by: Jocelyn Tennant, Writer & OQ Commercial Drive Manager