It's in the bag

It's in the bag

Picnics, day-trips, beach escapes – that’s what summer is made of. And that’s exactly why we wanted to create a limited edition tote bag for our community, just in time for the warmer weather. Designed to match OQ’s minimal aesthetic, our totes are ethically and sustainably produced by our friends at Supreme Creations. The perfect accessory for ferry rides, market mornings and outdoor yoga classes, not to mention an ideal carrier for chilled rosé, our totes are our summer staple. Here’s why they should be yours: 

  1. Ethically Made: Supreme Creation’s Pondicherry-based production team is 90% women, most of whom are the primary breadwinners for their families and major pillars in their communities. Ensuring quality working conditions and paying each of their team members a fair wage, Supreme Creations is helping strengthen communities in South India by empowering the women who live there. 

Look for the Bags of Ethics tag inside each of our totes, certifying their ethical, sustainable production. 

  1. Sustainably Made: SC also goes to great lengths to ensure every stage of their manufacturing process is ecologically sustainable. They use 100% renewable energy, and have developed a completely biodegradable lamination to coat the insides of their bags. Certified by the Environmental Board of India, SC’s go-to dye house exclusively uses water and vegetable-based inks, to avoid producing toxic waste in their manufacturing processes. 

  1. Ready for Recycle: We wanted to take things one step further, and limit our environmental footprint as much as possible, so we worked closely with SC to ensure each one of our tote bags was produced using recycled, organic cotton. The best part? You can keep the recycling going. With durability top of mind, SC created each tote to be used at least 5,000 times, meaning you can kiss single-use plastic bags goodbye. 

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For more on our friends at Supreme Creations, check out their website here.