OQ x Avulux - What our customers are saying

OQ x Avulux - What our customers are saying

At Ollie Quinn, we always want to be at the forefront of new health technologies. That’s why we were super excited when Avulux came to us and asked if we wanted to offer their Anti-Migraine lens in our frames. Now you can have OQ style, and less migraines! 

We checked out the science, trialled them ourselves and to be honest - the results are pretty impressive. If you don't know anything about this lens, we suggest you read up about it on their website here

However if you don't want to read the details, the long and short of it is - 

The research shows that certain wavelengths of light cause an increase in migraine intensity, and that 60% of migraines are caused by light. This lens cuts out the harmful wavelengths and lets in the soothing ones, pretty simple really! (except that the science is anything but). 

According to Avulux. "90% of Avulux wearers find that Avulux helps them through their days by effectively filtering light."

At OQ we're all about selling only quality eyewear products, so we've been carefully monitoring customers who have purchased the Avulux lens to ensure everyone's experience has been positive. Here's what some of our customers have said: 

Heather Buchanan:

Heather's Instagram 

"I absolutely love the Avulux lenses. I'm wearing them right now! I probably wear them about 75% of the time since I got them. They make a huge difference to the amount of pain I feel on a daily basis, so there is honestly no way I can adequately thank you and the whole Ollie Quinn team. They also make a difference to the amount of painkillers I have to take, which after this past year, is such a relief too.

They're maybe a bit dark for when I have to go into public places (especially indoors paired with a mask) so I'll swap them out (usually for other Ollie Quinn glasses, haha) but I think other than how dark the lenses look from the outside, I can't think of anything negative to say about them. They're actually so not-dark while I'm wearing them that I forget that I'm wearing them. I have been able to work in them a lot more than I thought I would."


Kate Latimer: 

"I have had my Avulux glasses for a few months now and I can honestly say they are one of the best things I have ever bought. I was a bit put off by how expensive they were [...] but decided to give it a try

Since having my Avulux glasses I have worn them almost every day, they significantly reduce my headaches and when I have a migraine, I can put them on and carry on instead of having to lie in a dark room. It instantly feels like someone has turned down the volume on my eyes.


Jodie Ellis: 

"I live with chronic migraine and as any migraine sufferer knows the search for options to manage the condition seems to be never ending. After reading Managing Your Migraine by Dr Katy Munro of the National Migraine Centre, I decided to try Avulux glasses to manage visual triggers.

I have seen a marked decrease in the number of migraines I have in a month. They have certainly made a difference to my work life, making fluorescent lighting, laptops, IWBs etc more manageable. As is the commute, particularly at this time of year with low sun and increased use of headlights. They are NOT a cure but definitely a tool to use alongside others that I wouldn’t want to be without now. 


An OQ Customer: 

"I've been struggling with chronic migraines (10-15 a month) for about 20 years and am heavily dependent on medication. Sensitivity to light is a major trigger but Avulux glasses have been massively helpful in reducing both my migraines and my medication intake. [...] they're amazing for preventing discomfort from screens and fluorescent lighting"


An OQ Customer: 

"The Avulux lenses allow me to be in unnatural light without getting tired eyes and headaches. I used to race around the supermarket, dread going into offices or train stations, and couldn't look at a screen after dark. The world is so much easier to inhabit now."


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