Biotrue® ONEday 90-pack
Biotrue® ONEday 90-pack

Biotrue® ONEday 90-pack

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Biotrue One Day contact lenses, manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, are daily disposable lenses made from a unique material called hypergel. The design of these lenses was inspired by the biology of the human eye and they aim to mimic the surface of your eyes to provide you with outstanding comfort that lasts all day.

The advanced hypergel material of Biotrue One Day has a high water content of 78% which is a huge amount for a contact lens, and matches the amount that your cornea holds for a natural feeling. Wearing Biotrue is so comfortable that it’s almost like not wearing lenses at all, even after 16 hours.

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Biotrue® ONEday 90-pack

Biotrue® ONEday 90-pack

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Biotrue® ONEday 90-pack
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