PureVision 2 6-pack
PureVision 2 6-pack

PureVision 2 6-pack

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PureVision2 contact lenses, from Bausch & Lomb are high quality, super breathable lenses that are designed to keep your eyes feeling fresh all day. These monthly lenses can either be worn for up to 16 hours a day for 30 days or, if approved by your optician, are suitable for extended wear.

If you do get approval to use PureVision2 for extended wear you can wear these lenses continuously for 30 days and even sleep in them, although we would advise not sleeping in them more than 2 nights a week to ensure maximum comfort.

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PureVision 2 6-pack

PureVision 2 6-pack

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PureVision 2 6-pack
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