Thealoz Duo
Thealoz Duo

Thealoz Duo

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Protects, hydrates & lubricates for moderate to severe dry eyes

  • Rapid and long-lasting relief of symptoms
  • Preservative-free & phosphate-free
  • suitable for contact lens wearers
  • 3% Trehalose & 0.15% hyaluronic acid
  • Handy Size
  • Easy to use bottle
  • Sterile for 3 months

THEALOZ DUO is preservative-free and phosphate-free. THEALOZ DUO does NOT include preservatives which can be irritating for the eyes.

THEALOZ DUO is supplied in the innovative ABAK bottle. This is easy-to-use and allows for a preservative-free solution until the last drop.


Trehalose (3%), hyaluronic acid (*as sodium hyaluronate salt 0.15%), sodium chloride, trometamol, hydrochloric acid and water for injections.