Thealoz Duo Gel 3%
Thealoz Duo Gel 3%

Thealoz Duo Gel 3%

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Trehalose is a clinically proven bioprotective gel indicated for treatment of moderate to severe dry eye disease, providing osmoprotection and bioprotection for cells on the corneal surface.1-6 The viscosity of the gel formulation increases residency time in the eye, making it particularly suitable for night time use.

  • Protects, hydrates and lubricates the eye’s surface
  • Easy to apply gel drop, especially useful at bedtime
  • Single-unit doses
  • Preservative-free
  • Can be used with all types of contact lenses
  • Thealoz Duo Gel contains trehalose 3%, sodium hyaluronate 0.15% and carbomer 0.25% in a preservative free gel formulation

Contact lenses should be removed before using Thealoz Duo Gel and reinserted 30 minutes after instilling the gel. If more than one ocular product is being used, 15 minutes should be allowed between instillation of two different products, with Thealoz Duo Gel used last.

Thealoz Duo Gel and Thealoz Duo eye drops can be used concurrently for maximum comfort.


Trehalose 3%, Sodium hyaluronate 0.15%, Carbomer 0.25%, Sorbitol, Sodium hydroxide, Water for injections